Vaniila Cupcakes - JenniferCloud Blog
If there is one thing I love baking most, it has to be cupcakes! The recipe is super quick to mix up and bake and for something so simple, they taste so lovely.  But it's the decorating part that I love most about making cupcakes to give them that special and personal touch. It’s my go to bake when I want to make something for a special occasion – from birthdays to house warmings and dinner parties, they are an ideal bake! I have found a pretty perfect cupcake recipe (if I say so myself) I am by no means an expert baker but I do get lovely comments on how light they are, which I think is ideal for a decent cupcake. I found the recipe a long time ago and have since adapted it myself! It goes a little bit like this...


Hello blogosphere! I am so excited to get my new look blog up and running! I decided to make the move from my old Tumblr blog to this lovely new home and although there are still some minor tech issues to sort out, I am eager to start sharing my crafty creations with the world. Expect super easy recyclable craft projects, scrumptious bakes, and an itty bit of knitting. I will endeavour to share with you DIY projects that are friendly on the pocket, as that just makes it all the more sweeter, no?